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SSC CHSL Questions Asked from Maths - Solve Ques.

Cosec -230 =? 1.305

Marked price is Rs. 2000, Selling price is Rs. 1600. Find discount %? Ans: 20%

Cosec 7π/6 =? Ans: -2

Selling at Rs. X yields a loss of a%. What will happen if you sell it for Rs. Y?

Tan(a/2) =?

A person lent his friend Ram a certain amount of money for 2 years and friend Sham the same amount of money for 3 years. If the total simple interest earned is Rs. 1442, then what is rate of interest?

Area of triangle APQ=4. If PQ parallel to BC, then find the area of PQCB? 96

If you remember any of your questions from the SSC CHSL exam, then do comment below!